Friday, April 4, 2008

Omege Psi Phi

I'm gonna try and do as many fraternities and sororities as I can before I get tired of it, hopefully i'll be able to get to them all, or at least the ones that I like


ICE said...

Peace bruh thia is ICE of ICEDOTCOM & I noticed you had me listed as one of your fav sites which I appreciate but I see you have a talent in art & design and I was lookin for someone to design a logo for my site & am interested in knowing if you can probably help me out. Please contact me @ icedotcom@gmail.


Mr. Mo said...

I'm feeling your work my guy. I need a smooth ass tat design, that nobody else would really have. I'll give you the details a little later. Your even tighter than you were in High School.